The December Art Show Closeth

The Press Room’s December art exhibition closed for Christmas so that all the happy patrons could have their purchases in time for the holiday.  The show received a huge amount of positive feedback, from the look of the hang to the variety of mediums and everything in between.  Even the opening on first Thursday was considered surprisingly fun (although I’m not sure how to take that).

That being said, it is time for everything to come down and preparations to begin for the next show; after everyone sobers up enough from new years to safely climb a ladder.

For those who missed the December show, here are a few of the works that were on display:

"Paper Airplane Battle" by Alexandra Cole - SOLD

"Keith" by Andrew McBride

"Crossing" by R. C. Anderson-Peirce

"Carnivore" by JWalker

"Spartan 48" by Andrew McBride

"Shark Dreams" by JWalker - SOLD

“Case Number 978060” by Billy Peirce

If you’re interested in any past pieces, from this show or others, please feel free to inquire via e-mail to

And don’t forget, the next show opens January 5th!



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New Shows for January and February

On Thursday, January 5th, the Press Room cocktail Pub will feature the first of two art shows done in conjunction with Golden Eagle Tattoo.  Both shows are part of a monthly rotating series of exhibitions featuring local arts, in this case as an example of the artists associated with tattooing in our community.

The January show will be a group exhibition featuring art from:  Permanent Mark, Andrew Cornish, Jason Bradshaw, Gabe Harwell, Cory Williams, Johnny Woodruff and George Totten

The 2nd show will open Thursday, February 2nd and will be a solo exhibition of works by Permanent Mark.

Both opening receptions will begin at 8 and offer a chance to meet the artists and ask questions about their work.

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Welcome to MOL Arts!

This is the very beginning!  The ground floor so to speak.

MOL Arts… because meatballs need loving too…

A blog about local art, working in conjunction with a monthly rotating art show of it’s very own.  This site will feature the current show, past shows, some other people’s shows and moments of import; as well as  features about local and/or aspiring artists.

The goal is to feature, both online and in person, those artists who would otherwise have little opportunity to do so otherwise.

You know… The Meatballs…


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